Moving again

Yep, we moved everyone again the other day. It was time to expand. So now Lucy’s litter are occupying one of the small puppy pens in the living room. They are liking their new “space” and already using their Ugo dog!

All snuggled together!

Hazel’s crew has the other small puppy pen in the living room. Since they are the youngest and smallest, they got the coveted spot next to the wood stove.

Rosie and her pups are now upstairs in the puppy room (this is just through the laundry room and upstairs). They have a nice big puppy pen, two litter boxes, and their first crate. You can see they were all snuggled in the crate when I put breakfast in and Joey found it first. The rest were still trying to figure out how to get from point A (the crate) to point B (the food). Don’t worry, I didn’t let them starve. It was a good puppy “challenge” for their developing brains. 🙂

And Mercy and her kiddos are right next door to Rosie in the other big puppy pen in the puppy room. They are also enjoying a bigger home and their first crate to sleep in.

You might notice in the pictures and videos that these puppy pens have a grate floor (which is really handy) Lots of pellets (from the litter boxes) and food gets spilled (puppies are messy!) and instead of it being all over their floor and where they’re walking, it falls through to the trays which are lined with potty pads. Also, the water sometimes gets spilled (puppies can’t seem to stay out of water dishes!) and as they’re learning how to use the litter box, they still miss sometimes. So the grate floor is a good thing and helps keep the puppies clean. I can then just pull the trays out when needed and replace the potty pads with clean ones. Easy peasy!

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