Facebook “live”

I just wanted to let everyone know that now that our internet has been upgraded we can actually do “live” videos of our puppies! This is so exciting.

Instead of little 15-30 second videos that I use to “collect” and then upload to YouTube or Facebook a couple times a week, you can now join in in “real time” and watch the puppies play and interact for longer periods, ask questions, make comments and be part of the action.

So don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Make sure you go like and follow our Facebook page if you haven’t already.

Then go to the live video I posted earlier today, click on those three little dots in the right corner…

and this drop down menu will show up. Click on “Turn on live notifications” and Facebook will let you know when we go “live”.

Come join the fun! We’re going live again tonight @ 5:30pm (Pacific time)👍

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