I had to share

You don’t know as a breeder how wonderful it is to get reports like this back from our puppy adopter families! <3

Scout’s (formerly Genesis) mom sent this to me a while ago and then I couldn’t find it in my emails (because it was a text, and I just now thought of that…my poor brain)

I wanted to send you a little 2 week update…Scout is quite settled in, as you can see 😂. She knows her name perfectly, is still doing great potty training, and loves her new life. I wanted to pass along the many compliments the vet said at our initial examination. He was so impressed by your paperwork/vaccine schedule, Scout’s temperament (“I’ve never had a puppy sit for an exam like this”), her knee caps are perfect, your vet’s recognition of the hernia was the same as his, etc etc. He said “You really did your research. This is a top notch breeder. They are doing an excellent job.” Your families are very lucky to adopt from you! We love our Scout! Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


(As mentioned, Scout had a small umbilical hernia that our vet noted on exam and mentioned in her comments on Scout’s paperwork).

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