A race

I feel like I just ran a race! My heart is pounding (okay, I admit, I’m out of shape), I had to peel off a layer of clothes because I’m sweating (sorry, TMI) and I’m sure I’m close to my allotted steps for the day and it’s not quite noon yet. 😝

What did I just do you ask?

I had Mercy’s rambunctious crew playing nicely in the kitchen and was setting up my photo “booth” to start taking pictures of them. That’s always a process at this age because seven-week-old puppies DO NOT HOLD STILL!

So I set up a nice little scene, picked up Jack and started taking pictures. He was very sweet and cooperative.

In the meantime, the “convicts” are escaping from jail (the kitchen) behind my back. All of a sudden there’s a puppy behind me while I’m taking pictures. Then another and another! Somehow they had slid the Iris pen panel away from the kitchen cupboard and stealthily made their escapes, one by one.

I thought I’d just let them have free rein in the house while I continuing taking pictures. Bad idea.

I had to change my photo scene when the next puppy wouldn’t sit still on the cute little rug. (I won’t name names but his did start with an “L” πŸ˜‰) You can’t put a wiggly puppy on a flat surface and expect them to hold still any longer than about a millisecond. So I grabbed my cute bucket. (If you put said wiggly puppy in something, at least it takes them longer to get away). But now the bucket made the puppy too high in my chair (where I take pictures), so I had to remove the chair cushion so the bucket would sit lower and I’d have more “background”. I grabbed my cute, red blanket and spread it over the chair (remember now its lower on the chair since the cushion was removed) when “BAM!” a rascally puppy ran by and grabbed the blanket and started dragging it away!

Okay, so much for letting them run loose while I take pictures…..

So I rounded up all the escapees and placed them back in jail, pushed the Iris pen up flush with the cupboard and turned to go back to picture taking with the current puppy.

I had barely made it back to the photo corner and knelt down when the living room was engulfed with a pack of fast-moving puppies again!

Calgon take me away! (Okay, I just dated myself 😜)

I rounded up the herd of wild horses again and corraled them in the kitchen, this time placing a kitchen chair against the Iris panel so it was immovable. Take that, you little rascals!

The photo shoot continued one by one as I placed each puppy in the bucket. I made weird sounds and flapped my hand to get their attention and try to distract them from diving out of the container for a split second, and hopefully get one good picture.

Then there were several trips made up the stairs to get them all settled back in their puppy pen for some quiet time.


Is it nap time (for me) yet?

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4 Responses to A race

  1. Judy Chambers says:

    All very cute but I especially loved β€œCalgon take me away.β€πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  2. Olga Standidge says:

    You are hilarious and so lucky. Merry Christmas to you, your family and lovely pups. πŸŽπŸΎπŸŽ„β€οΈπŸ™

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