A Grand Adventure

This week has been busy (but what week isn’t lately?!) I had to make a trip to Spokane one day and then back to town another day because the dog food I ordered came in a day late. So, unfortunately, I didn’t get Rosie puppy pictures done yesterday. So those will be up tomorrow. But even with the busi-ness, we’re still having fun around here.

Today, we had a grand adventure!

The two older litters got to go out into the big, wide backyard to run, explore and play!

Rosie’s went out first and were a little skeptical about my idea, but they eventually ventured out of the crate and went to check out the backyard. It’s a big place for a little puppy. They got warmed up and started playing and journeying farther from me.

Next, I brought Mercy’s pups out in a little crate. It’s amazing to see the difference in the adventurous spirit of puppies that are just a little older. I opened the crate and they came bursting out for their grand adventure!

They ran, played and explored to their heart’s content! <3

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