You guys know how much I love updates! This one came in today and made me smile 😀

“Merry Christmas Jennifer,
It was just over a year ago that I drove to Spokane, put my station wagon in the ditch, and got pansy, now Molly. I’m sure you hear love stories all the time, and this is also one. Molly is a joy to us and runs reign over her acre like a little diva. I originally wanted an apricot puppy, and I was sort of far down the list when early in December last year I got a call from you. I said “if there’s a female, yes!”
Molly is the perfect dog for me, although she has topped out at 8.1 pounds she has the energy and stamina few can meet. She does early-morning walks around Capitol Lake, about 3 miles, and can still play all day. Thanks for all the hints; Potty training with the litter box in the crate was a breeze. I never once had to get up during the night. And when she outgrew the need to go during the night, of course, she started sleeping with us. I very much enjoy following all the happenings at Pinewood through the Internet. Thanks again.


molly.pansy1yrsitmolly.pansy1yrfunmolly.pansy1yrThe middle picture really did make me laugh out loud!

Molly (formerly known as Pansy was from our “flower” litter from October 2017; parents Flower & Noah)


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