Update time again

“Hi, Jennifer,

I can’t believe it’s Babu’s (previously Tinsel) second birthday!  Where do we begin?  Babu is the best fur baby we could have asked for.  He’s sweet, gentle, fun, and energetic.  From throwing balls at the park, bike riding around town, and airplane trips to cuddling on the couch, he is everything we ever wanted in a dog.  This past year we moved from Portland, OR to Philadelphia, PA.  Babu easily transitioned to the snowy winters and enjoys walking through the fall leaves.  Our kids continue to love every minute with him and he seems to feel the same.
Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives!
Wishing you and your family happy holidays.
The E family”




Such a cutie! Babu (formerly Tinsel) was from our December 2016 litter from Reba & Dickens

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