The first play area

When the puppies are little I first let them explore just outside their puppy play pen in the living room. When they are a little more confident I’ll set up an exercise pen with some different surfaces and toys for them to investigate there. They will graduate to the kitchen play room later.

To make things easier at this point I use a small plastic tray with a potty pad instead of dragging out the big litter box. And you can see they’ve used it. I don’t like using potty pads in the puppy pen as most puppies like to play with them and drag them around. But for this small, initial play space they work well.

Checking out the first, small tunnel!

Well, that’s not exactly how you use it. 😉

Auntie Hope is always willing to join in the fun. And she is the perfect “outside” (i.e. not mom) adult dog to introduce the puppies too.

Taking her babysitter duty seriously 😉


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  1. James Smith says:

    Those pups are adorable. We love the ruby color…they are gorgeous.

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