Who wants a puppy?

Sorry, that wasn’t a general question! 😉 But now that I have you’re attention, I will be starting to send out emails today regarding Joy’s puppies. It’s time to start puppy matching again!

If you are in the top ten on my waiting list and are interested in a Joy puppy please contact me asap! (That will make my life a lot easier 🙂 )

They are now six weeks old and we would like to get them matched as quickly as possible so their new families can start making plans for bringing them home.

I will be posting their “six-week-old” pictures today and more fun videos for everyone to watch.

These cuties will be going home Sunday, February 10th. I will not be able to hold any of these puppies past their going home date. As you can imagine, I am very busy with our other litters. So if you can’t make the February pick-up date, you may need to pass on this litter. Thanks for understanding!

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2 Responses to Who wants a puppy?

  1. Bobbie says:

    Is your waiting list for cavapoo puppies open yet?
    Thanks so much!

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