This post isn’t about cute, cuddly puppies or sweet, little newborns, it’s much more simple than that.

I’m talking simple day-to-day conveniences that I’m grateful for.

A faucet?

Yep! I’m grateful for this shiny, new faucet and its partner, the spray nozzle. And I’m thankful that my husband listens (and acts upon) my sometimes time-consuming (for him) but helpful ideas (for me).

Some of you may think that putting a whole new faucet into a sink is not a simple task. But I’m fortunate to live with Super Handyman that can fix, make, build, or repair pretty much anything!


The old faucet had two knobs which had to be wrenched down tight so it wouldn’t drip (thanks to our hard water and mineral deposits around the seals. and yes, super handyman had replaced them 😉 ) I’m constantly using that sink to wash dogs dishes, litter boxes, and  give puppy baths etc. and if my hands are a bit soapy or wet it’s hard to grip the tightened down handle to use the water. Plus when I give puppy baths, I would turn the hot on, then quickly turn the cold on, adjusting back and forth until it was a decent temp for the puppy. It was a pain.

Which brings me to the new faucet; one handle, easy to turn on and off, simple one-handed adjustment for the temperature, and the added bonus of now having a spray nozzle to help with baths and cleaning those UgoDog grates!

Yep, call me weird. But I’m pretty excited about this new faucet!

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3 Responses to Simple

  1. jonnastar6 says:

    I get it completely. We’re just adding extra long hoses to both of our showers (whis also have seats that cavapoos can stand upon for easy access to their undersides! We do also have a cavapoo buddy who is a cavalier, and never learned to lift his leg. Still, his squats spray his front legs, and we need to give them a quick shampoo nearly every night. No room for a utility sink but this is the next best thing! Means a ton! When do you think you might start taking Cavapoo puppy applications again? We’re in the Lacey/Olympia area, my cavapoo is our best dog of nearly 50 years and he’s 10. When I lose Jakey Jake or Thomas, which I can’t even bear to comtemplate, I can’t stand the thought of waiting three years on a list. But I want the best of groomers in drivable distance to our home, and after watching and reading, I think you and your babies may be “it.” But, as I understand it, we can’t submit applications to even get on the wait list yet? Please keep us posted. Or I’m I missing something? If I’m using a WordPress account I don’t know how or why? Just commenting on your comment read on Facebook…..

    • Hi there! If you sign up for email notifications from our blog/website you will be notified when whenever we have news. And yes, we will be opening again soon. I would say within the week! 🙂

  2. jblackmoore says:

    Yes it is the little things in life that make it so much better!!

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