Policy change

Because we have so many people that get on our waiting list and stay on for an extended period of time (some for years, but let me clarify! It’s not because they have to wait for years for a puppy, but because they keep passing or something comes up on their end), I’ve had to change our puppy policy regarding prices.

If you get on the list, I’m assuming you are ready for a puppy at any time and excited to be matched with your forever friend. So if you are offered a puppy (according to what you told me on your application) and pass, the puppy price will go up a step each time you do.

For example, if you got on our list years ago when the puppy price was $1200 and asked for a red/apricot female puppy (this is just an example), I have one available and you pass, the price jumps up to the next price increase which would be $1500. And if you pass again, it jumps up to the next increased price.

I know life can throw curveballs sometimes. So if things don’t work out for you and you think you’ll have to pass on a puppy, once or twice, or three times, it might be better for you to ask to be removed from the list and get back on later when you are ready. This will free up our list and make it easier for me to match puppies with those that are truly ready.

If you’re don’t agree with our policy, I’d be happy (well, not happy but if that’s what you want) to remove you from our list or if you have a question about how this might affect you, please ask.

I would really like to make the list more active and fluid so people don’t have to wait for a puppy for so long!

Thanks for understanding and joining us on this journey! We appreciate each and every one of you!

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10 Responses to Policy change

  1. Tiffany Tran says:

    This is great news for some of us who are ready for a puppy but can’t even get on due to waitlist being so long!

    Tiffany Tran, PharmD


  2. I agree

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  3. Shelly Parfitt says:

    We are now #29 on the list for a tri-color (Black/brown/white) female, ready for adoption the 2nd week of June (conception later this month?). Please confirm puppy pricing is as originally agreed upon for us?

    Kindest Regards, Shelly Parfitt Sent from my iPhone


  4. Christine Gustavson Udd says:

    I think that’s a great idea! I follow you, but upon hearing that people were waiting years, I looked for another breeder. I didn’t know your price, I didn’t see it on the website. I paid a lot more for a Cockerchon, but she’s sweet, cute and healthy and we get her at the end of February. I saw a website for a Cavapoo breeder charging $7,500! For that much, that dog better clean your house and do laundry.

  5. baseballmaven says:

    This seems prudent! Especially if it means getting onto a wait list earlier 🙂

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