Keep the teenagers busy!

I know I shouldn’t even be mentioning this after the polar vortex that covered half the country, but it was extra chilly this morning (compared to how it’s been here). Even though we live in NE Washington, we are huddled along the Columbia River and so we stay a bit “warmer” than other areas around us.

We have a beautiful blue sky, the sun is shining, but we’ve also got some wind today which is dropping the temperature down.

The dogs did not stay outside long for their morning potty break and exercise time!

Joy and Oakley’s puppies got to go outside yesterday, but not today! It’s just too cold for those little bodies. So they’ll be taking over the kitchen again today.

And since the “teenagers” are not outside as much either today, I’ve made them some special treats to keep them occupied. (Just to clarify; when I have puppies growing up here for me that are not little puppies anymore, yet they’re not mature adults, they get labeled “the teenagers”). Our teenagers right now include; Amber, Autumn (Allie & Clancy’s Poodle pups), Finn (Reba & Clancy Poodle pup), Gypsy (our blue-eyed Poodle), Cayenne (our red & white Poodle), Sage (our Lucy & Dickens Cavapoo), Aurora (our small standard Poodle) and little Miss Raven (our Noah & flower Cavapoo daughter). Yes, I’m busy πŸ˜‰

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4 Responses to Keep the teenagers busy!

  1. Darla Finney says:

    At least they have each other to play with. Few things are more pathetic than a teenager (of any specie) that is lonely and bored. All of the moms at your house, 2 legged and 4 legged ones, are doing a good job. They’re so cute!

  2. Darla Finney says:

    Those treat balls are a clever thing. What’s in them?

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