Puppy matching and the waiting list

Believe it or not, puppy matching continues with our oldest litter from Joy! I’m contacting people and trying to get the last puppy lined up with its new family. These guys are supposed to go home this coming Sunday!

I feel bad contacting people about a possible puppy this close to “delivery day”, but I honestly did not think I would have this many people pass on our most popular color! I try to give people a bit of a “heads up” that I’m getting close to their name, but when we’re down to the last one or two puppies I don’t want to contact too many ahead of where I’m at and get their hopes up than have someone ahead of them pick and pull the rug out from under them so to speak.  So it gets a bit tricky when we get this far down the list and try to match the last pup from a litter.

A lot, I mean a lot of people have skipped this litter for various reasons, I would say the biggest being timing and gender. I know that the timing is not always “perfect” when an available puppy comes up, but sometimes we just have to go for it and figure out a way to make it work! Think of it as an unexpected adventure! 😉

So getting this last puppy matched with someone on our waiting list is my priority at the moment, that and getting the others ready to go home on Sunday.

As soon as he is matched, I will start back at the top of the list, working my way down and matching our other puppies. And since they will all be going home around the same time, I will probably do Flower (since they are smaller, they’ll go home later), Gracie and Glory’s litter at the same time. So everyone on the list (even those farther down),  please be checking your emails in the next week or so (and your spam folder as sometimes they end up there). If you don’t email me right back (I know some of you will because you’re stalkers 😛 hehe), I’ll give you a call too. But I do need to hear back from you within 12 hours if you’re interested or I’ll keep moving down the list! If you message or call me back after that time frame you can still get a puppy (if one’s available), it just might mean you’ve missed out on your favorite. 🙁 That’s why it’s so important to keep actively watching our Facebook page and website to know what’s going on.

And for those of you that are new to our page and our waiting list, Welcome!

Please know I have you on my hard copy list (if I’ve gotten your application and application fee). Our waiting list is normally posted on the website under the “Cavapoo” heading but is not current at this time since so many are just joining and I’m in the thralls of puppy matching.

As soon as I can, the people that are matched with Joy’s pups will be removed and the new people added to the list. Thank you for your patience during this busy, transition time.

We appreciate each and every one of you!

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4 Responses to Puppy matching and the waiting list

  1. Susan Redmond says:

    Jennifer, You are a woman of infinite patience! ❤️❤️

  2. Annie Fanberg says:

    Yahoo!!!! As one of your official stalkers, I CANNOT WAIT!!!! 😂❤️😂

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