Available puppy update

I’m getting lots of messages from those on our waiting list that are interested in one of our remaining unmatched puppies. Thanks to those that have reached out!

I am giving people over the weekend to respond to my blog post, so if you’re on the list and interested you have about 24 more hours to email me and let me know you are interested!

I will be busy delivering puppies tomorrow in Spokane so depending on when I get home and how tired I am, I’ll either start contacting those that reached out tomorrow night or Monday.

In the meantime, please read through the blog post to get more information about each puppy, and go to our YouTube channel to watch videos of the pups.



Unfortunately, not everyone who reached out will get a puppy because all but one person is interested in one of the two girls.

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2 Responses to Available puppy update

  1. Alexis Krivkovich says:

    Hi there! I was so sorry to miss this note. If we were on our much anticipated family vacation last week with the girls and agreed to go device free while we were enjoying the mountains

    We are still very interested in a female puppy of any kind. I imagine all are taken now, but please do keep us in mind in the future. I am not sure where we were on the wait list since we were recent joiners (and I know you don’t have many female pups to go around), but just wanted to restate our excitement when the time comes. Our girls continue to read up on puppies, follow your amazing pics and can’t wait!

    Wishing you rest, Alexis

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