I just wanted to give everyone a little update on the puppies still here with us. Currently, we have our four purebred Poodle pups from Reba, Townsend from Glory and Peanut, Midnight and Cheers from Flower.

I’ve been in Spokane the last three Sundays delivering puppies to their forever families. Each week our house gets less busy, messy and a bit quieter (well, except for the very talkative Poodle boys! Do I really want to keep one?) 😉

Today, I matched Peanut with what I think will be a great home for him, and he will be close enough that I can visit sometimes. Thank you to everyone that reached out showing interest in adopting him! I appreciate all the home offers and it did make things difficult trying to narrow down the “one”.

So this weekend I will be back in Spokane for the fourth Sunday in a row handing over Townsend, Delight (the female Poodle), Peanut, Cheers, and Midnight. It will be another exciting day I’m sure and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

I have a serious interest in one of our Phantom Poodle boys. I just told them I wasn’t sure which one they would be getting until I finally make up my mind. Thankfully, they said they’d be happy with either one!

It’s been hard trying to decide between the two. I’ve been watching, observing, staring at these two boys intently for quite a while. They are so similar but have subtle differences. And since I’m hoping to keep one for our breeding program down the road, I have to think and compare every aspect of each one and determine who will be the best fit for the “job”. It’s been hard, to say the least. I love them both. <3

So that leaves one puppy in the bunch (if the phantom adoption goes through), and that is our luscious chocolatey brown boy! I seriously can’t believe he hasn’t been snatched up yet! He’s absolutely a dreamboat! If anyone is interested, shoot me an email.

Our next puppy to be matched will be the one and only Nugget from Allie who will be ready for his forever home at the end of April. And speaking of that, I will have an announcement regarding puppy matching in the next week or so. So stay tuned for some exciting news! I’m hoping to make the making process run a bit smoother, get everyone actively involved and hopefully make the wait time shorter!

And I’m sure some of you are wondering when our next Cavapoos will be arriving. We have had a few “weddings”. 😉 Actually, there have been several girls come in season, but some of them are our teenagers so they are not part of the “wedding party”, but they are part of the chaos! The poor boys around here are losing their minds a bit when these girls are around and the boys can’t get to them without permission. 😉

Fingers crossed, next week we should be able to do our first ultrasounds of the year to confirm the first and maybe second upcoming pregnancy!

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  1. Susie Jones says:

    I’ll take your chocolate poodle! I know I just sent my deposit in, but I would love to have him, and it’s perfect timing for us to adopt. (253)677-3253.

    Susie Jones

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