It all started with eggs

I opened the refrigerator to put fresh eggs in that I had collected that morning and realized I had a ton of eggs already in there taking up a lot of room. Well, I’ll clean them up and cook them for the dogs.

Well, I can’t just give them a bunch of eggs. I should add something to it.

*opens freezer door*

Yep, time to use up some of that meat that’s in here for them. Oh, might as well grab some bags of frozen veggies too.

*rummages through the pantry*

BINGO! Sardines to add to the mix.

*opens small freezer in kitchen refrigerator*

Yes! I’ll add those blueberries.

*Checks refrigerator*

Oh, good. I still have Kefir.

The pot was so big I had to put it on the floor to stir it!

The dogs are going to have a feast!

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2 Responses to It all started with eggs

  1. jonnastar6 says:

    Wow, Jennifer – do you make all your puppy food from natural ingredients?
    I love some advice on what grains you include, if ever, and if dairy is a regular staple in their diets? Is what you feed your older, parent dogs, similar to this kind of mixture? Thanks so much!

    • No, this is just a once in a while thing I do for the adults. I don’t have time or space to make my food all the time. My adult dogs and puppies normally eat a quality kibble. If I had the freezer space though, I would switch them all over to a quality raw diet!

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