The ball pit

I bought these colored balls a couple years ago, but the “pit” that was recommended for it was big and hard to fold up so I didn’t get it out much. So the balls sat around more than not. I know some people use the kiddie swimming pools to hold the balls for a pack of puppies but that seemed like a big “container”. So the other day I had an idea to get a large plastic container, something like a litter box with sides big enough to hold the balls but not so tall the puppies couldn’t climb in. It would come with a lid so when not in use I could store the balls in there too.

It was perfect!

The pups didn’t notice it at first, but then they dove in and had a blast. First I put it in with the older Cavapoo pups. Then later our younger Cavapoo, Maisie and her playmates the Aussaliers got a turn. At first, they weren’t really interested but by the next play session, they were climbing in too.

Cheap puppy entertainment (enrichment) goes a long way! And of course, they have fun with all the other toys too.

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  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    Those Blenheims are to die for.

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