Busy Friday

We had another busy Friday with vet appointments. It was time for Maisie to have her check-up and mom Treasure went in for her physical too. And since we are so far from our vet, I like to make my trip worthwhile so I had scheduled a couple of our young adults for their exams also.

Treasure and Maisie

Raven and Cayenne on the other side.

Don’t tell my other Cavaliers but I think Treasure has the sweetest expression of all of them.

Backseat drivers

Maisie is fast asleep.

Waiting for Dr Jesse

Getting checked out

Maisie’s turn

Checking her over everywhere

Now it’s Raven and Cayenne’s turn

Somewhere in that hairy face are some chocolate-brown eyes.

On our way home I stopped to say “Hi” to my friend who was at the local coffee shop. It’s the perfect puppy socializing stop with friends to visit and cars and trucks zooming by on the highway next door. She did great!

I had asked my hubby while I was gone to let Dally hang out with him for a bit since she was by herself. I came home to see this!

Can you see her muzzle looking up?

There she is!

And then it was time for a potty break.

Maisie found a piece of cantaloupe that Cajsa left behind

And then a little fun trying to get pictures of Raven.

Another busy day!


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