Puppy matching process

I’m continuing to work matching Joy’s boys.

Our first pup, Will Scarlet has been matched with his forever family! Yippee! And congrats to his family.

I have a lot of people that want girls and though Gracie’s pups are yet a bit young to match as I’ve worked my way down the list searching for families for Joy’s pups, I’m already found the next five people in line that will be matched with Gracie’s girls when they are older.

I’m continuing to reach out to people farther down the list as I match the blenheim boys and get an idea who will be picking Gracie’s two red/apricot boys.

My normal process is to email. If there is no response by the next day I will call and either talk with someone or leave a message. If there is no response by the next day to the email or call, I will move on down the list and that person is skipped. That’s why it’s so important to stay in touch and keep track of what’s going on if you are on our waiting list. If you know we have a litter (and usually matching starts around five weeks) and you know you’ll be on vacation or out of the country during that time please reach out ahead of time and let me know your plans. I’m happy to work with each person if I know their schedule.

I’ve started to reach out to the early thirties now. If you have not heard from me it’s because you requested a female or a certain color that I don’t have available. If you have changed your mind on color or gender please reach out asap to let me know! I don’t like skipping people, but I also don’t like to “bug” people if they’ve told me they want a certain thing. 🙂

Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Melissa Farris says:

    My kids are desperate for one of those Blenheim boys! 😅 I cannot believe people aren’t grabbing them- they are so cute!!!!

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