Friday fun

I almost forgot to share our busy Friday! Somehow Friday before puppy delivery day has turned into our normal puppy check-up day. I guess because that’s one of the day’s my vet is in the office and it makes it nice to get exams and health certificates right before puppies go home.

Everyone got a thorough check-up and lots of love! All done!

Now for a potty break before we head down the road.

Then back in the crate and off we go!

Next we met my friend at our new puppy socializing spot in the next town.

Another potty break and some fresh water which they all promptly walked through!


The coffee shop had a small patio with a driveway on either side so the puppies go to see lots of comings and goings.

More friends showed up today. The boys did great with the new people and all the traffic whizzing by on the nearby highway.

They crashed out for a nap anyway.

Such good boys!

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