F1b Cavapoos

We have exciting news! Well, I’m excited at least. Sage has come in season! (For those that don’t know, Sage is our parti-colored Cavapoo that we kept from a Lucy and Dickens litter). My plan is to breed her to our purebred parti-Poodle, Sundae for our first litter of F1b Cavapoos. (These will be “cow” puppies; white base coat with colored spots).

If all goes well, they should be arriving right after Christmas!

Our little farm dog 😉

And her betrothed. ❤️

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4 Responses to F1b Cavapoos

  1. Mary Phillips says:

    What an adorable little one. Her babies will be beautiful! Whoever gets one of them will so fortunate. Good luck Sage!

  2. Oh my goodness – darling, both. I’ll be excited to see their puppies. I just showed this to my partner and she said that an Fb1 could also be called a “cavapoopoo”!

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