Preparing for retirement

We will be retiring a couple of our Cavalier girls in 2020 so I’m just letting people know.

I am not accepting any applications for them at this time, but when we’re closer to retirement I will make another announcement and start accepting applications for each one.

Both are sweethearts, both are blenheims.

Treasure will probably the first one ready to retire and then Rosie. They will be all ready with up-to-date vaccinations,  spayed, microchipped, crate trained, house trained, leash trained; the perfect “turn-key” pet. They are not free.

Treasure is super sweet, wiggly, friendly girl. She is a bit of a drama queen (seriously, if you brush her hair and hit a “snag” she will yelp like you’ve just done her in!). But she absolutely loves people, gets along with other dogs fine, she’s middle of the pack, not dominant, not submissive, so if you don’t mind the “girly silliness/drama” then she’s a great gal to have around.


Rosie is more mellow and tends to be a food “hog”. She comes out of her crate in the morning looking to see if anyone dropped a kernel. She tends to stay a big more rotund (her thyroid has been check, “normal”) and after spaying it will require someone that can be diligent about watching her weight and not giving into those big, brown eyes with treats. She is an absolute love bug also.


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6 Responses to Preparing for retirement

  1. furbabyneeded says:

    Oh I would even consider one of the girls about what size are they? Seriously I am missing my kids so much.


    Hi Jennifer –

    I’ve been telling Gino for several months now that when Treasure was ready to retire, I wanted her! Gino thinks we can handle 3 “well-behaved” dogs. Hmmmmm. In any case, we couldn’t do anything til I get back home in mid-January but having another baby at home would definitely force me to retire (not a bad idea).

    In any case, keep us informed. Hope turns 10 on Saturday. I have to find her a low-cal birthday treat, The folks at my temple give her so many treats that she’s put on a good 1.5 lbs. Must slim down to fly back home!

    Much love and we’ll stay in touch of course.


    • Thanks for reaching out, Esther. My previous adopters will always be at the top of my list when it comes to retirees 😉 Are you sure you want a drama queen? :O She’s pretty wiggly too! But she is probably the prettiest Cavalier we’ve ever produced. (Don’t read that outloud in front of Hope) 😉

  3. I was pretty excited to hear about this. I sent in an application a long time ago for a puppy but decided I would do better with an adult dog. I have not had a dog for many years and the thought of a puppy scared me.

    I look forward to hearing more as you prepare for their retirement.



    • Are you already on our waiting list? If you are and decided against a puppy please let me know so I can remove your name. Please know that we will get a lot of response for retired adults so there’s a chance we’ll have more interest than dogs to retire :/

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