A recent email included this…(this was Fred from our recent “I Love Lucy characters” litter)

“The video of our son when Gordie came home was precious. Gordie has now been with us almost 2 weeks and has settled in so well.

His 4th night he stopped crying and slept through the night. He gets his last pee break around 9 and sleeps through to 545 am when we get up. He is now in crate with no litter box at night.
He is really good about pottying.   Obviously there are accidents but we have removed the litter box for a week now.
He gets lots of attention from our 5 year old and his friends. And gets to run around the yard and the trampoline for a couple of hours a day.  For walks with us he doesn’t pull and pretty much stays by our heel which is excellent.
He got a clean bill of health as well as parasite testing.  And we have tried to move him to a dehydrated whole food but he isn’t interested so we are sticking with fromms. And he gets his nuvet.
And we start puppy classes on December 4.
All in all he has been a really easy puppy.  I have a friend with agility dogs who has been a big resource for us and I said “is this the calm before the storm are is he that chill”. She says we are doing everything right 🙂 so he has settled in.
He loves all the attention from his buddy and tolerates being carried about ( see below). And then he appreciates snuggles in the evening with the calm adults.
Will keep you up to date time to time with Gordie.”
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