Before the groomer

Raise your hand if you clean your house before the house keeper comes?

I don’t have a house keeper (can I put that on my Christmas list?) but if I did I’d probably clean up before she arrived too.

Just like I’m brushing out my dogs before I take them to the groomer this week. 😛

So Mop-head….

…has now become Floof-head!



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4 Responses to Before the groomer

  1. Kaye Sodt says:

    I have a pair of housekeepers who come every other week for only an hour. Hired them when incapacitated with a broken leg, but have kept them on for the very reason that I tidy up when they’re coming!

  2. furbabyneeded says:

    I think Santa should give you a housekeeper. I had on for doing bathrooms kitchen and put the clean sheets on the bed. She was worth every penny. Oh and I always cleaned the counter off

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