A little different.

Wow! What a busy day.

Today is my day off from doggie “business” but it was still busy with taking care of the critters here, then off to church (late again😜), potluck afterwards and then home again for the afternoon.

In the evening we went back to enjoy the church’s annual Christmas program and refreshments afterward. We have some talented musicians in our church for sure!

After helping to clean up it was back home. And since the day has officially ended (at sundown) I dove into getting the pups ready to leave.

Time for toenail trims, cleaning ears, trimming fuzzy faces (in front of their eyes), and a sudsy bath for each one.

Usually this is all done and my truck loaded in anticipation of an early morning drive to Spokane on Sunday to deliver puppies. Well, that is still the plan. But the slight deviation was my sis-in-law coming down to watch Mango get her beauty treatment. Then she took her pup and used the hair drier to dry her off while I bathed the boys.

It was a late night but little Mango, now Sally then headed home with her new mom❤️

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  1. Olga standidge says:

    Always precious🐶🐾🎄❤️🎅🏻

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