“Hi Jennifer!

Our Bear just turned a year old on Dec. 8th so I figured it’d be a good time for an update!

Bear truly is a real live teddy bear. He literally melts into your arms the minute he sees us and is always by my side. He is sitting at my feet as I type this out now 🙂 my favorite thing is after being gone at work all day, he comes over and sits calmly by my side and nuzzles himself into me. He just want to be next to me and is so content just being with us.

He is loyal and loving, and truly is so happy to be around his family. Bear and his brother Bruce (pictured below) get along so fabulously. When they aren’t napping on our laps, the are rolling around playing together. I’ve never met a sweeter dog. He’s just the absolute best pup!

Bear just weighed in at the vet at 17lbs. We are planning to neuter him next month, and just got a clean bill of health with his pre-op visit and labs.

We haven’t even had Bear in our family for a year and we already can’t imagine life without his beautiful soul. He is such a positive energy in our lives” ❤❤❤

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6 Responses to Pupdate

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    He could be Karisto’s twin! – in looks and the temperament she describes.
    I’m curious that with the last litter of three in homes does that mean the list changes by 3 or did you already do that? Apologies, I’m just so eager to be moving to a lower number!
    Happy happy 2020 to you and your family,
    Katharine & Goody
    Karisto & Philia

  2. JOAN SPEAR says:

    HI Jennifer-

    We are loving reading your pupdates. Greta recognized Bear from Yoshi’s ( aka Yule’s) litter. Is there some way you can put us in touch with Bear’s family? Thanks, Joan and Greta


  3. jonnastar6 says:

    Bear sounds just like my beloved 11-year old Jacob. Are you neutering him because of age? Do you have other Cavapoo dads with his dirt of wonderful, calm and snuggly temperament? His brother looks a lot like our Cavalier, Jake’s buddy Thomas! What blessings the are!

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