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This last week leading up to puppy matching day (for our Cavapoos), I will be doing some assessments on the puppies to try to give everyone an idea of what I see personality-wise, coat types, adult size “guesses” and whatever other information I think will be helpful.

I will also be posting pictures of them, but will probably concentrate more on short videos of them playing and interacting so everyone can start picking out their favorites. I say “favorites” because unless you are one of the first people on the list, your favorite might be picked so it’s best to have two or three favorites to have a better chance of getting a puppy.

Sunday’s puppy matching day will be long with all the people I will be contacting. Remember you need to be ready to take a phone call that day from me. If you know ahead of time that you are not available at all we can try to make other arrangements ahead of time. So reach out to me soon if that’s the case.

If I call and don’t get you, I will leave a message (if your phone will take it). Please get back to me as soon as possible. I’m only able to wait a little bit before I’ll move on down the list in order to have time for everyone.

As I mentioned above, please have your favorites puppies picked out ahead of time because we won’t have a huge amount of time that day to discuss several puppies. But I know a lot of you will have questions so that’s why I’ll be doing the assessments and videos to give you as much information about each puppy ahead of matching day. I will try to have that posted by Wednesday or Thursday morning at the latest.

I will also be setting aside some time for phones calls for anyone that would like to chat or has further questions. I’ll be available for calls Thursday from noon to 7:00 pm and Friday from noon to 4:00 pm (I’ll need to wrap up the last call by 4:30 pm). (I’m waiting until later in the week for this because the more time that goes by, the more information I will have about each puppy).

As I mentioned before, I will start calling those that have reached out in order that they are on the waiting list (my plan is to start at 9 am; Pacific Time). Remember if you are higher on the list, you will be called first or earlier in the day. Once I get each litter matched, if I still have more people to contact, I will most likely be sending out emails to let them know all puppies have been matched, instead of calling the remainder of the people.

Thank you all for your patience as we work through this new process. There might be kinks along the way to iron out, but I’m hoping for a successful Puppy Matching Day!

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  1. Hello thanks for all the info. I’m sure it’s highly unlikely I even get a call because I’m far down the list but just in case I thought I’d tell you I’m out of the country. I’m able to accept a WhatsApp phone call or FaceTime audio call if need be! Thanks so much Jessie J

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  2. Michele Stein says:

    Jennifer, I am going to wait for the next fb1 cavapoopoos. Hoping for a female cinnamon. Thanks, my day will come! Mickey Stein


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