You might be a redneck if….

You have a queen-sized mattress and box springs with a fancy comforter on your front porch for the dog. 😛

Let me explain. After many years on the same, mushy, unsupportive mattress hubby and I were actually in town together one day and decided to stop at our local furniture store to look around. And they were having a mattress sale. Bingo! We weren’t going home without one!

We wandered around, laid on beds, talked with the sales person, laid on some more beds, discussed things and finally decided on one. I liked the softer one, hubby liked the firmest one, so we compromised and got the one in between. Time will tell (we’ve got thirty days to figure it out!) if this one will work.

Which brings me back to the mattress on the porch.

We got home fairly late from town. I wanted to get chores down and worry about setting up the bed the next day. But hubby was bound and determined to sleep on it that night!

So we did the only thing we could do at the moment and dragged the old bed out onto the porch until hubby could haul it to the dump.

I had already given Ben our old quilted comforter to cover his current large dog bed. (His bed looked so tiny now with the human bed now on the porch). Now I spread the comforter on our old mattress and invited him up on the bed. He loved it! (Cajsa thinks it’s pretty nice too.)

Honestly, if it didn’t look so “redneck”, I would leave it there for him. He’s getting up in age (for a giant breed) and the joints are a bit stiff sometimes so this is really nice for him.

I guess when it gets dumped, I’ll invest in a giant, raised dog bed for him. (My plan is to buy Kuranda beds for all the dogs anyway).

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  1. Mickei Denise McTier says:

    I bet he slept good on the mattress

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