Real life

And now for the bad news…..I’ll keep it short. This post is not to garnish sympathy. I know in this “business” we have highs and lows. And that if you’re in it long enough you will have tough days along with the good ones. It’s just to keep you appraised of real life and what we have going on.

Rosie went into labor early and needed help. She was able to deliver the first pup on her own, but then labor stalled and we had to head to the vet for a c-section to deliver the rest of the litter. They looked full-term and we all did out best, but we lost all of her puppies (there were four).


(The incubator was warmed up for the babies so instead Rosie got to use it as she woke up from surgery.)

IMG_6623 (1)

(A little more awake and moved into a crate to recover more.)

This happened on Tuesday. She came home with me that night and she is doing pretty well physically. I know it’s hard for her though to wake up and not have any puppies to take care of. Plus she has to be in the same part of the house (where it’s warm) where Hazel and Gracie are with their puppies which makes it extra trying.

She’s on pain meds and antibiotics as she heals, plus I’m giving her some things to help her calm down as she shown some anxiety and restlessness which I’m sure is from missing her babies.

She’ll get through this, but I’m still really sad for her. So keep Rosie in your thoughts as she heals from this big loss.


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26 Responses to Real life

  1. Esther Herst says:

    Please give Rosie our love and a special shout-out from her mom Jules.

  2. jonnastar6 says:

    Sending prayers for a speedy and complete recovery for Rosie, and strength for you and your family….

  3. DidiDame says:

    Oh Rosie – so sorry ! Heal well you beautiful girl!

  4. laurie shepherd says:

    So sad!! Sending all the love thoughts to you and sweet Rosie

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  5. Olga Standidge says:

    Feeling so sad for Rosie. 😥❤️

  6. Heather says:

    I have a particular fondness for Rosie because she gave me my sweet Pippin. Sending so much love to you, Rosie and to you as well, Jennifer. ❤️

  7. Susan Redmond says:

    My deepest sympathies to both you and Rosie! ❤️Is it possible for the other mothers to share, like you did with the last set of mom or does Rosie have too much healing to do to be able to nurse puppies too?

  8. Mickei Denise McTier says:

    Jennifer I’ve lighted 5 candles today and will keep them burning until sundown Saturday. I did the same when Sir Baron died. We are attracted to you and the family at the hip. What you guys feel, so do we. Greatness in love

  9. Cathy Budman says:

    Really sad to hear this. Hope Rosie has a good recovery.

  10. says:

    So, so sorry to hear that she lost all of her pups. That’s got to be so hard on her. Sending prayers that she will be OK.

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  11. Judy says:

    The poor dear. Loss plus pain and grief! Sorry for you all.

  12. Katharine Harding says:

    Oh Jennifer, we are so, so sorry. With many 4-footeds to love there’s bound to be sadnesses—you of all people know this well. No matter what it is still really tough.
    The world feels upside-down right now. We’re most grateful to have Toby be our utter distraction and delight. Thank you over and over for your role in bringing so much happiness to the world.
    We’re thinking of you all,
    Katharine & Goody
    Karisto, Philia & Toby

  13. Brian McGlynn says:

    So sorry to hear this. I hope Rosie recovers quickly and is back to being herself soon. Such a sad loss.

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