Boo-boos and rechecks

Last Friday we had a vet appointment to recheck Dickens’ eye. And a couple days before that Oakley had torn a toenail. It was bleeding pretty good and on further inspection I saw she had torn it back into the quick. Ouch! I trimmed it as much as I could when it happened, but it needed more attention.

So I gathered them both up and took them in last Friday to have things looked over.

She’s a bit worked up because of the car ride. It’s not her favorite activity.

But Dickens is just as chill as ever.

Dickens eye is healing slowly. It was a pretty big ulceration. And Oakley, well, they pulled off the broken toenail. Ouch again! And wrapped her foot up. We kept the bandage on for about three days and removed it. She feels much better now.

Today, we’re going back for another appointment to check Dickens eye again after another week of medicine.

And Rosie gets to go too. She had an ear infection which we’ve been treating but she still seems to be scratching, so I’m having it looked at to make sure the medicine is clearing things up.

But the appointment will be different today. Because of the “social distancing” we have to wait in the parking lot, while the dogs go in without us. In fact, the vet is only doing necessary treatments and emergencies in light of what’s going on. Sad times.

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8 Responses to Boo-boos and rechecks

  1. Didi Dame says:

    It’s always something !! Take good care!

  2. Amina Wolf says:

    Wow. I hope all are healed and healthy.

  3. Sue Burt says:

    You are such a good mom! Thanks for taking such good care of our fur buddies!

  4. Susan Redmond says:

    Another side effect of this new illness has me wondering how “social distancing” will affect puppy delivery day?

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