The saga continues

Dickens went in for another check-up on Friday. He saw a different doctor because his original carer was not working the day of his check-up. This new vet changed his meds up and bit and suggested we try to get him into the eye clinic in Spokane.

Oh, and as I was walking him in the parking lot before his appointment, the sun hit his face at one point and I saw what looked like another injury, but in the other eye! *sigh (This can be an issue when we love dogs that a more prominent eyeballs. Plus the boys have been a bit edgy because some girls have been in season. My guess is someone’s toenail made the injuries.)

So now he’s on three different eye meds in both eyes, and oral antibiotics. And he’s in the house with me! The antibiotics are twice a day, one drop is three times a day, one is four times a day and one is eight times a day. Oh, and they have to be spaced apart 30 minutes from each other. So this is what our day looks like.

  • 7am-serum
  • 7:30-gel & pill
  • 8-drops
  • 9:00 serum
  • 11-serum
  • 11:30-gel
  • 12-drops
  • 1-serum
  • 3-serum
  • 3:30-gel
  • 5-serum
  • 7-serum
  • 7:30 gel & pill
  • 8-drop
  • 9pm-serum

My vet sent Dickens records down to the eye clinic on Friday. (We are very fortunate to have a veterinary ophthalmologist in Spokane). I called them Monday and left a message. They called me back Tuesday morning and got him scheduled. Unfortunately, because of the Covid19, they are down to half staff and he has to wait two weeks to get in. I stopped by my vet yesterday and they gave me more meds so we can continue the current treatment until his eye appointment.

And to top off the unwelcome news, my regular vet is basically closed down except for emergencies and “necessities”. I do already have puppy well-checks scheduled for all of our current litters as those are “necessities”.

Stay safe and well everyone!

I have to say, as many times as I’m getting him out of his crate or calling him in from the yard to administer more medication throughout the day, he is always willing and ready. He really is a good boy! <3

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4 Responses to The saga continues

  1. tricia Bourdeau says:

    Oh, I am so sorry to learn about poor little Dickens and poor you! That’s more than a little challenging remembering those drops and then having the responsibility of all those other babies. Here’s to a better day!

  2. Susan Redmond says:

    I second that!

  3. furbabyneeded says:

    Wow are the most amazing Breeder in the world ! I need to get on your list again for another baby, my girl is sooo full of energy!!!! I live in Spokane and want to just come help you. You are for sure amazing

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