The ramp

I set a play area up for the puppies just outside of their puppy pen. Now there’s a bit of a drop if they were to just step out the door. And a lot of puppies at this age will just go not knowing they’ll crash to the floor. Well, that’s not the experience we want for them so I decided to make a bit of a ramp so they could safely come out of the pen and down to the play area. And also it would be a way to double the play are and also give them access to another litter box, their crate and food and water should they stay “outside” for a while.

So I stuck the little carpeted “ramp” up to the door. You can see in the picture if I left the door open for them to access the inside of the pen that there’s a space under the floor that they can get “lost” in, so I used Mr. Smiley the pillow to block the open space.

It didn’t take long for them to figure how to work the ramp. Salsa was the first one to go back into the puppy pen for a drink.

They’re sure having fun climbing, playing and exploring!

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3 Responses to The ramp

  1. myerxa says:

    I so love these sweet little pups. Their new families are going to be thrilled to have them. We are loving on Zoe (Pam). But seeing these pups makes me want a playmate for her. I know your work is work ~ but also the joy of having these little ones must be one of the biggest perks of being a breeder. Love how you socialize the puppies and give them so much love. Really admire the way you attend to all of the stages of new puppies and their mommies. It’s what makes you a good breeder!

  2. kk75 says:

    Sweet little cuddle babies!🥰💓

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