Amber’s pups are three weeks old today. Their life still revolves totally around mom and they’re not real happy when she takes a break. If they’re awake (like in the morning when I change their bed and wake them up) they fuss and cry until mom gets back and they eat and snuggle with her.

They morning I had them all out on a blanket and they were crawling around a bit and not super happy with the situation (which is typical for this age/stage). The pictures are not super clear but it was because of the wiggles.

Hope you enjoy them anyway!

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8 Responses to Crawlers

  1. Michelle Chiappetta says:

    Love it!!

  2. kk75 says:


  3. Kris Marsh says:

    Those little faces just totally capture my heart. Thank you for sharing.

  4. karen beaver says:

    Not sure if they’re sleepy or sad but they are still really cute

  5. Pam Janjuha says:

    How precious 😍

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