Saturday fun!

There was fun going on outside in the garden with all the older puppies on Saturday. I have several exercise pens that I connected together so their were two big play areas. They had so much fun!

And upstairs in the puppy room we had more fun going on with Amber’s crew. They are getting a bit more adventurous and enjoying playing and exploring.


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9 Responses to Saturday fun!

  1. segalbev says:

    So beautiful, would love to adopt a male, please include me on your next litter

  2. karen beaver says:

    Looks like they really had a blast playing outside – what a bunch of cuties

  3. Sherrie Wright says:

    My granddaughter and a good friend have your pups. I’m very impressed with how well your pups are socialized and the hard work you put into their training. My husband and I are looking forward to getting on your list when you open up again. Thank you!

  4. Whitney Marwick says:

    Such great photos! My husband and I are excited for the list to re-open!

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