Another update!

“Here’s an update that is long overdue!

Noah wasted no time working his way deep into my heart, he is so full of personality and sweetness and he loves everyone, including all of the cats and Abe. I found the dogs and Ozzie sleeping in the recliner earlier today and managed to get this without disturbing anyone.

Noah slept in his crate the first week, then one afternoon I decided to take a nap. We both know the end of this story! And of course he has not seen the inside of his crate since, lol. Cats are currently sleeping in it in the middle of the living room.

Problem with him sleeping with me is that some nights I go to bed very early (he must think a Oregon nights are very long)to watch tv, play games…all the stuff that is poor sleep hygiene, lol. And being very daylight still, he is not ready to settle in so I put the belly band on him and let him roam until he is ready. He doesn’t get into much or chew anything, will poo or on rare occasion pee next to the cat litter boxes, (oops!) probably because they have puppy training pads underneath.

He is really good at holding his ground with Abe. They have several food dishes, but they will both go sit at the same one and stare at each other, Abe sighs, then Noah eats while Abe watches.

When I am doing things outside i make sure the boys are out as well. When I work on the back, they can’t see me so when I come back around it’s like they haven’t seen me in a week. Abe screeches (very unbecoming of such an elegant boy) and Noah, he runs down a short ramp to the gate, wiggling all the way, and then while he is still facing me, he sits and bounces backward up the ramp…it’s pretty funny, I’m trying to video it.

You’ve given me such precious gifts, thank you so much.”


<3 <3

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  1. kk75 says:

    SlHow fun!! Such lovable, sweetie cuties!

  2. karen beaver says:

    they know how cute they are –

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