Toddler time

Joy’s little roly-poly puppies are just starting to toddle around and do a little puppy wrestling with each other. They’re still not super confident or exploring far beyond their puppy pen yet. But each day they will get a little more bold, brave and playful.

I’m seeing a bit of their personalities staring to emerge also. From what I see right now, I would say that Macadamia (our red boy) is going to be the most adventurous. Cashew seems pretty playful and outgoing too. I would say next in line would be Pistachio and Pecan seems to be our more quiet, “cautious” one. Of course, we will see them blossom and change in the coming weeks.

Usually there is one “leader of the pack”, outgoing, adventurous pup in each Cavapoo litter. And there will usually be one more calm, quiet, “cautious” one and then the rest will be in between those two types. Some people might see the calm puppy and say, “oh, it’s shy and scared”. But I think these guys are just as sweet and fun, they just think about new things before they dive in. I’ve see the quiet ones (at around four to five weeks) end up at seven to eight weeks in the middle of the fun and having really blossomed into quite outgoing puppies!



“Sister! Get off my head!”

*sniff, sniff*

What a face! (I think this is Pecan)


“Why do you keep pointing that camera at me?”



So ferocious!

I guess that’s what Cashew thinks of all this 😜




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9 Responses to Toddler time

  1. karen beaver says:

    Cutest faces – just have to love them all…..

  2. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    You sure do have the cutest pups!!! Love the names! What a fun bunch of nuts!

  3. Jenise Smith says:

    The tongue picture is perfect!!!

  4. Cathy Husen says:

    Precious pups! Love being part of their journey. Thanks for sharing.

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