Five weeks old

Joy babies turned five weeks old this week! They are doing well. Hopefully things will settle down around here soon with the nearby fire and we can get back to sharing more fun pictures and videos. But for now, gaze at this cuteness! <3

Besides taking new pictures we also…

weighed puppies (puppy model; Pistachio)

Pistachio~4# 5 oz, Cashew~2# 15 oz, Pecan~3# 7 oz, Macadamia~4# 2 oz

trimmed toenails (sorry for the blurry picture but I was trying to hold a puppy, clippers and take the picture) (puppy model; Cashew)

changed collars (I love these new parachord collars with little fasteners). (puppy model; Pecan)

and did some upside practice. You can see Macadamia is really upset about this. 😉


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6 Responses to Five weeks old

  1. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    I love nuts! I’ll have a Pistachio and a Macadamia bundle to go, please. What incredibly sweet, wise little faces!

  2. Cathy Husen says:


  3. karen beaver says:

    They have the sweetest faces and expressions – a really beautiful litter – but aren’t they all!!

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