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Finally things are settling down around here and feeling “sort of” like they’re heading back to normal. The past few days I have gotten up and started my day without first checking for fire updates. Granted, the air quality is still in the “Unhealthy” range (171), but it’s better than it was. The temperature has cooled down a bit which is helpful. The dogs are getting longer jaunts outside, although I have yet to unpack my boxes of dog supplies and records I had ready to take should we need to leave, and the horse trailer is still backed up to the dog house.

The fire updates for our area are encouraging as they are getting a good handle on things which is wonderful to hear. We are so thankful for all the fire personal around the country who put their own lives at risk every fire season to help in these situations. “Thank you” does not seem enough.

So hopefully we’ll get back to more consistently sharing fun puppy photos and videos! And I’m aiming to have an update on the waiting list soon. (Since we’re heading into the weekend it won’t be until next week. I know I’ve had a lot of you reaching out asking “when” will we be reopening the list?)

But for now here’s some fun pictures of Joy’s puppies enjoying themselves. 🙂

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6 Responses to Play mode

  1. Claudia Knauss says:

    Beauties – they make the heart smile! So relieved that the fear of fire is lessening … and air quality is increasing. Hats off to your son & all 1st responders – our true heroes🥰

  2. Karen beaver says:

    Thank you for the update glad things are calming down I think today was the first day we’ve had better air quality great to be able to open windows again

  3. Cathy Husen says:

    Seeing them certainly adds joy to my day! Thrilled to hear you’re working your way back to normalcy. Answered prayers for sure. Sending praises to the firefighters! Hooray for your son! So brave. Anxiously awaiting the opening of the mailing list.

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