This will take time

Guys, I’m going to be real with you. This is going to take time. To those of you who sent you application in this morning already, thank you. Please be patient for a response from me. The email confirmation is not automated. I will personally go through each application and respond as I have time. Your application is time-stamped and I will go through them in the order that they came in.  Hubby does not help in this department and there’s just little ol’ me! 😀

As of 11:00 this morning there are over 65 new applications! :O

And I still have to tend to the house, horses, chickens, what’s left of the garden produce, adult dogs and all of our adorable puppies, and throw some food my hubby’s way once in a while. 😉 hehe

I mean check out this adorable bunch. They turned two weeks old on Saturday. They’re eyes are opened and they are toddling over and started to use their UgoDog litter box. They aren’t terribly time consuming at this point because they mostly eat and sleep but they still take time each day.

And then there’s this bunch, the litter of TEN! Okay, technically they are two litters; Hazel’s singleton, Ranger and Sage’s nine, “the aunts and uncles”;) But at this point they are just all lumped together as one large litter. And at five weeks of age they take a lot of time each day; feeding, cleaning, playing and socializing, etc. Right now we’re working on bigger quarters for them. They are outgrowing the biggest puppy pen I have!

So patience is part of the process when you decide to send us an application and join the fun (and chaos) that is our lives. And we appreciate each and every one of you!

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  1. Kim Kline says:


  2. Emily says:

    Wow! 65 so far! That’s amazing, they are beautiful puppies. So glad I found your site, I’ve really enjoyed how much you interact with those on the list and keep us updated!

  3. Shan Case says:

    Oh my. Thank you for all the updates.

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