Waiting list is closed again…sorry

I’m sorry for anyone that didn’t quite get their application in, but we have been bombarded  in the past four days with new applications. We just reopened the list on Monday and we have more than enough applications to keep us busy for quite a while so I am closing the list again!

No more applications will be accepted after the time this post is up! So sorry.

If you already submitted one this week and haven’t heard from me, I’m still working through the stack and will get to you (hopefully today). If you heard back from me but are riding the fence about sending the fee and finishing the process please know that you still can but we have so many people already on the list the “guesstimate” will at least a year and up to a two year wait for a puppy at this point. It’s a possibility to be matched sooner, but I want you to know what to expect.

If you didn’t get your application in before we closed, please sign up for email notifications from our blog so you don’t miss future announcements about the reopening of the list.

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3 Responses to Waiting list is closed again…sorry

  1. Ashley Cazares says:

    Oh no, I must be just short?? Is it too late to submit our application? We are in western Washington, just purchased a home and are finally ready to get on the list! We have been interested since 2017, it’s just now realistic.

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