Puppy Collars

We normally always put some type of identification on puppies when they are born, unless they are all different colors and different genders to identify them. Because we like to keep track of puppies birth and daily weights to make sure they’re growing and gaining.

Usually I start with ribbons because you can’t find a collar small enough for newborns. If they’re big enough I have paracord collars with teeny snap/buckles. These come in two sizes so they can graduate to a bigger one later.

Around six weeks the largest paracord collar is getting snug on the bigger pups so it’s time to switch to “real” collars.

Now normally the colors get switched up a bit in this process since I don’t always have the same ribbon, paracord, and regular collars.

So here are the puppies with their new collars and some with new colors.

Irma is pink/blue herringbone

Bob stayed blue

Jennette is purple

Lonnie is teal

Millard is light green instead of army green

Tom went from orange to burnt orange

Lindy got the cool collar ’cause he’s “bad to the bone”😎

Virginia doesn’t need any identification but she has the leopard collar

And Ranger is purple with pink flowers

The puppies are all wearing an extra-small collar (I believe that is 8-11″). So if anyone is wondering what size to get when picking up puppy a small would probably work. I believe a small adjusts from 9-13″.

And now let’s have some fun!

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