In the nick of time

I told Glory that she could have puppies on Thursday, Friday or Saturday because I had a puppy appointment at the vet’s on Wednesday and puppy delivery in Spokane on Sunday. Technically hubby could take the pups to their vet appointment if push came to shove, but I’d rather do it myself so I could make sure everything was done (did the doctor sign all those health certificates? did they put the microchip tags in the bags?) and be there if I had any questions. But Sunday would be the real challenge! Hubby is not into doggie midwifery (or in this case is it mid-woofery? ;P ) although he has managed with the help of his sister (a nurse) to deliver puppies when I’ve been away. And technically he could drive to Spokane and hand over puppies. But that’s all he could do. He wouldn’t be able to answer any questions the new families may have. In fact, he might have to have the new families help him figure out which puppy was theirs. Hehehe (This is not a husband bashing post either) That’s just not his forte’. He’s the builder, fixer, cleaner, etc.

But Glory did not get the memo. At least she picked the lesser of two evils, so to speak. She was restless through the night on Tuesday (although her temperature hadn’t done a significant drop when I checked morning or evening, unless she dropped midday and I’d missed it) and neither of us had a good night’s rest.

Before I was ready to start my day, she woke me with the arrival of the first puppy. The morning progressed as I tried to get the morning chores done in between puppies. Hubby helped by loading the truck with crates, blankets and all that I usually take with me on a trip with puppies. I warned him that he may have to take the Sage/Hazel pups to the vet.

I needed to be on the road by 12:30ish to make my appointment at 2 pm. Glory did a good job, but it takes time to have babies and as noon approached I wondered if hubby would indeed need to take the crew. Glory wasn’t quite finished and I could tell there was another puppy to come. Finally just before twelve o’clock the last puppy arrived!

Now I had to hustle and carry Glory outside (she didn’t want to leave the babies of course) to potty and so I could change the bedding and clean things up quickly. That didn’t take long and she and the babes were settled back in to their cozy, clean bed. Then I had just enough time to jump in the shower, then get hubby to help me load the puppies. And off we went!

The backseat is loaded with precious cargo. They did absolutely fantastic on the drive too.

Potty break at the vet’s. I had all the girls in one crate and all the boys in another.

We finished up the appointment and loaded back up for the trip home. I had to stop at the feed store to get some puppy and adult food I had ordered a week before when they were having a sale. So the pups got extra time in the crates and did super. They were little troopers with the long day!

When we got back home I let them run around in the outside pen and have their meal out there.

And checked on Glory and her new litter who were doing well.

And here they are! What a unique litter! We have five black girls and one apricot boy. Poor lonely boy with all those sisters. 😉


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8 Responses to In the nick of time

  1. Judy Chambers says:

    Beautiful as always! Nice work, you two. And the other two too—Glory and ???

  2. Manu says:

    I’m glad everything worked out well! The new puppies are so adorable! ❤️🐶

  3. Didi says:

    Are you having fun yet???

  4. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Phew! What a day! Congratulations to you on pulling it all together and to Glory for her beautiful new pups!

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