Needing a new home

We’ve had a situation arise with one of Sage’s puppies. Irma is needing a new home. She went home with her new family just over a week ago, but they’ve had some life changes come up and just don’t think they can raise a puppy right now. They are not happy about the prospect but are doing what they think is best for Irma and I appreciate that so much. Of course, I’m a bit sad when a newly homed puppy is rehomed, (it happens occasionally, because life throws curve balls sometimes)but I’m so thankful that they reached out for help. We always want to be here for our puppies and know what’s going on with them.

So if you ever adopt one of our puppies and cannot keep it for whatever reason we want to know. We want to be part of the rehoming process and know where our puppies end up.

This is Irma (her new parents named her Nori). She is a black F1b Cavapoo with the curlier Poodle-type coat. She is living in Seattle. She is a rambunctious, active, outgoing puppy. She will probably need someone that can give her good boundaries and training since she will be making her second home transition in a short amount of time. She will need someone with patience as she adjusts to another home situation.

I would like to help rehome her to someone that is already on our Cavapoo waiting list and lives in the Seattle area or willing to drive there to meet her. If you fit that description please contact me by email or phone ( or 509-722-6008). I imagine we will get quite a bit of interest so then I will help the owners try to find the best fit for her.

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7 Responses to Needing a new home

  1. Laura M. says:

    I wish I was on the waiting list. We have one pinewood cavapoo already and I’d live to add another. Harper needs a sister.

  2. Sharon L Bisson says:

    Hi I have been looking for a puppy since my husband died 6 weeks ago and I have always had a doggy but since we traveled to Az. As snow birds we couldn’t have one and now I will be alone and would love to have a precious little angel girl! I live in Clackamas Oregon so I could come to Seattle to get her but I need to know how much you are asking for her? Thank you, Sharon

  3. KAREN BEAVER says:

    she is such a cutie – I’m hoping you can find her a new home –

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