“Hi Jennifer! 

Hope you are well. We wanted to send along a quick pupdate video of Zoe enjoying her first snow 🙂 it’s falling like crazy here and she couldn’t be happier! 

She has really been the best, funniest addition to our home and we have no idea what we did with ourselves pre-Zoe. She’s got incredible energy (we think she may have been an agility dog in a past life… see video below taken by our neighbor whose 4yo Yorkie is her ‘boyfriend’) that’s only matched by her hardcore snuggling skills. She gets so much attention on the city streets now that she’s finished her shots and we can go for walks! We are so grateful for the incredible and thoughtful start she had with you and are loving watching her grow each day. 

Here’s to a very happy holiday season and a bright 2021❤️🐾

All our best,

Z & S”


Zoe was Pecan from Joy & Clancy’s August litter

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  1. Kim Kline says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! How cute is she!!!??? We absolutely loved watching Zoe’s snow and obstacle course antics..thank you for starting our day with your previous Zoe!🥰

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