Sky babies

I’m late! But I finally got new pictures (six weeks old already!) of Sky’s sweet babies.

Caramel~3# 3oz

Butterscotch~3# 9oz


Nougat~2# 10oz

Aren’t they adorable?!

As you know my plan is to keep one of these girls for future generations of F1b Cavapoos. We were going to do our Puppy Matching Day last Sunday (which wasn’t a great plan so close to Christmas anyways). So my plan to match this litter will just be a bit different. I will know by today which puppy I plan on keeping.

If you are the first person on this litter list posted below you are welcome to reach out now with your first and second choice now. (These are the people that have reached out and asked to be added to Sky’s list.)

I have a vet appointment with Glory’s puppies today, but if I don’t get home to late I will start calling people on this list and match Sky’s puppies. Since this wasn’t a “planned” Puppy Matching Day it may take me a couple days to get this done.

  • Liz B
  • Joan S
  • Holly L
  • Monica N
  • Elisa S
  • Rebecca E
  • Manu C
  • Kim W
  • Carolyn R
  • Lori M
  • Sarah R
  • Thaia N
  • Samantha C
  • Lois M
  • Natasha B
  • Berna & Ian M
  • Sheree M
  • Joni C
  • Andrea J
  • Nataliya S
  •  Chloe L
  • Christine Y

And now for some added cuteness! <3


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