Vet visit

Today we had an appointment at the vet with Sky’s puppies. We left the house about 12:30 to be early to our 2:00 appointment. Because, hey, it’s winter and you never know what the roads will be like. (For instance, Sunday’s puppy delivery day presented us with icy roads. I saw one wreck and pulled over four times for emergency vehicles on my way to Spokane!) Thankfully today’s roads were just wet.

My vet is still not allowing owners in for appointments so I’m not able to go in with puppies. So no cute exam pictures. :/

After their appointment it was time for a potty break in the back of the truck. It wasn’t quite rainy but a bit misty. They didn’t mind the water a bit.

After they were done we loaded up and headed home. I made a couple quick stops to get fuel and grab some late lunch. They quietly napped in their crate the whole time.

When we got home it was time for another potty break and then dinner time. After dinner I let them play until bedtime since they had been in a crate most of the afternoon.

It’s a long day for puppies but they took it well. 🙂

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4 Responses to Vet visit

  1. Marilyn Pyles says:

    Love, love, love the pictures!! What do you use for the potty bin – it looks like wood pellets and would you suggest all new puppy owners set up the same for their furbabies until they are potty trained?

  2. Didi says:

    You are the BEST puppy human mommie ! Warms my heart when I see your posts and can’t wait until one of yours becomes mine!
    Happy New Year , Didi

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