Poodle puppies

Our three Poodle puppies have all been matched with their forever families! Thank you to everyone who reached out with interest. I’m sorry we didn’t have one for everyone that was interested or that we weren’t able to get ahold of some people.

If we plan another Poodle litter we will share on a blog post and on the website, but for now nothing is in the works.

For now we’ll just enjoy watching these little cutie pies grow and develop!

They figured the ramp out lickety-split!

They had their first trip outside too. They woke up from a nap and I scooped them up and took them outside to see if they’d potty.

We have a covered area right outside the laundry room door so it’s the perfect, safe place to introduce puppies to the outdoors.

The boys stopped to potty almost immediately. Leia was a bit distracted because she saw her momma right outside the pen.

Quinn and Nico were curious to meet the babies.

They had fun on their first outdoor adventure.

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  1. Claudia Knauss says:

    These are so adorable you just want to eat them up! We had poodles when I was growing up and they are so smart and so loving – what happy forever families they will have!

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