Two important things

Our Aussalier babies have all been matched with their forever homes. And since we have new puppy families taking puppies home in the next few weeks I thought this old blog post was a great one to share again. In fact, this is good information for anyone getting a new puppy not just “our” families.

I want to share two things that I think are really important for our new puppy parents. In fact, they can be significant for any puppy or dog owner. What are they? Training your puppy from the start and giving them a good nutritional “edge”.

Let me give you more information.

We love NuVet supplement! All of our puppies are started on it before they’re even born as they get it in utero because mom gets it. Mom continues to get this tasty, chewable tablet after she delivers her puppies and as she’s nursing. Then when puppies start nibbling on puppy food, I use the NuVet powder and add it to their food. It’s a great vitamin, mineral, immune system booster.

Most people invest so much into their new puppy, from the initial cost of the puppy to vet expenses, toys, food and such that it only makes sense to spend a little bit more to give the puppy that extra boost for a healthy life. Use it as a healthy treat once a day.

You can see we order it in large quantities.

And somebody couldn’t wait for me to open the bottle.


Here is a link with more information. If you are matched with one of our puppies, please use the link to order yours now so you have it when you get your puppy home. Transitioning to a new home is stressful for a puppy and this will help keep puppy on the right track. I will send home a few tablets in each puppy packet for the first few days.

The next thing that I highly recommend for your new puppy is puppy training. We have partnered with an amazing online puppy school. The cost is about the same as a six-week course from Petco, but our partners offer a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for about the same cost! That means even months after you get your puppy and a training issue arises they will be there to help work through the concern. We have a discount code too to help you save 25% off the cost too!

Here is more information.


It’s a valuable resource for any new puppy owner. I don’t want to beg, but please invest in training your puppy from the start. I try to share lots of information and resources with each new puppy family, but I can’t do anything after they leave me. Unfortunately, even with this valuable, inexpensive program few people bother investing in it then call me weeks or months later with issues they’re having that could’ve been prevented had they utilized this resource from the start. (Sorry, I’m not trying to “shame” anyone. You are always welcome to call me if you have a problem or question about your puppy. I just wanted to prepare you with as much helpful information as I can to make your new life with your puppy go as smoothly as possible).

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. 😛

Also these two valuable resources are not just for our Pinewood adopters. Anyone is welcome to take advantage of these and use our discount codes.



























































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  1. Karen Beaver says:

    Great information we’ve used NuVet in the past and I agree with you on the training since there really aren’t many classes happening now it’s great to have another resource thanks for all the great info and thanks for sharing

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