Enjoying the day

Yesterday was sunny and cloudy, and sunny and cloudy, and breezy and sunny, and cloudy and sunny. You know, normal spring weather in the PNW.

So we took advantage of it and I took the pups outside to play,  run and explore in the sun (and shade and breeze).

First I took the Cavaliers out and put them in a fenced off play area I had set up for them.

Then I brought the basket of Cavapoos out and let them wander. It took a while before they wanted to leave their basket but pretty soon they were exploring.

Then I decided to let the Cavaliers out to meet the Cavapoos. Of course I was supervising and watching since there is a two-week age gap in the litters (which is a lot considering their ages).

Sometimes a Cavalier would get on top of a Cavapoo and start playing rough, so I would scoop the offender up and distract him. But pretty soon the Cavapoos were doing the same back to the Cavaliers so I wasn’t so worried then. Although I kept watching especially since Rhett is quite a bit smaller than the Cavaliers.

All in all, we (the pups and I) had a nice time and I enjoyed sitting out in the fresh air while they had their fun!

FYI; We still have two purebred Cavalier boys looking for their forever homes❤️


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