Far away

Just a little update…I’m still far from home in my old home place visiting my dad, staying with my brother and family as we try to navigate the stage of elder parent. It’s uncharted territory and we feel a bit lost at times. But I had a “God” moment yesterday waiting in the “customs” line at the hospital to visit my dad. (I’m sorry, but that’s what it seems like. It’s a foreign country down here at times. ;P ) A lady that was standing ahead of me in line starting chatting. She was also going to see her elderly mother and we got talking about the whole rehab/skilled nursing issues, etc. and she offered to give me a lady’s name and number. She’s an “elder advocate” that works with these facilities for the families of the patients. Anyways, I just got off the phone with her and I think she’s an angel! Seriously she’s a godsend and I finally feel like we have someone to help us navigate for our dad’s care. Thank you, Jesus!

But I really wanted to get on here and give you an update on the puppies (I just got excited and  had to share about my encounter yesterday too though).

I hear reports from my husband and SIL that the puppies are healthy and happy and oh so fun and playful! And I twisted their arms into taking a “weekly” picture of each one and get their weights for me to share.

Now granted, these aren’t the best photos but hubby is not a photographer and I’m just grateful he snagged the little wiggly worms long enough to take a picture of each one for me to share with you.

Gracie’s little man, who I decided should be called “Handsome” since he is  <3

3# 2 oz @ 3 weeks! (He’s eating pure cream!)

Raven’s puppies @ 7 weeks


4# 4 oz


2# 15 oz


2# 2 oz




2# 5 oz


3# 7 oz


4# 2 oz

Sally’s puppies @ 6 weeks


3# 4 oz


4# 8 oz




3# 12 oz

And there you have it! Some cuteness to tide you over with. <3

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11 Responses to Far away

  1. Laurie Weckel says:

    Good job, hubby!
    And blessings on you, dear daughter Jennifer. It’s one of the more fraught times in adult life. So grateful that your Dad has you & your siblings to see to his care. And that there appeared an angel in your midst. 🙏💕

  2. Kimberly Kaznowski says:

    I can sympathize with your situation. I live in N. CA and just returned from 3 weeks in WI. My elderly father (88) had a stroke and passed away in my mother’s arms on April 19th. I dropped everything to fly out to be with her and help her navigate the unknown. I am an only child. My mother was traumatized, heartbroken and bewildered. They had been married for over 65 years and he was her rock. I stayed as long as I could after taking care of as much as I possibly could. It was incredibly difficult to leave her alone without her rock. I will be traveling back very soon to see how she is managing and start to look for an alternative living situation for her if need be. My husband stayed home (except to come to the memorial service) to take care of our 6 dogs (2 are Cavapoos), 3 cats and 2 horses. He really stepped up to the plate and did a fantastic job. Wishing you calm seas as you also navigate the unknown.

  3. Diana Vigneau says:

    What do you mean he’s not a photographer? He did a GREAT job with these photos! So glad you found someone to help you navigate the elder care scene. That is a godsend.

  4. Paula says:

    Great job with the photos! Those little rascals are so cute! So grateful you can spend time with your family at this very trying time. Thank you Jesus….for bringing just what you needed at that very moment!

  5. Kim Kline says:

    Oh my goodness! I look at your puppy photos ever time you post…and I must say!!!…this is THE cutest bunch ever!!! (Our Pinewood baby, Cookie, excluded.)..I am in love with this bunch! Little cutie pops!!🥰

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